"Aptis" E-bus
APTIS is an innovation solution co-developed between Alstom and NTL in order to answer the future urban mobility challenges. APTIS was not meant to become one more “electrified bus”. It is the first 12 m vehicle that was developed from scratch with a unique architecture allowing to integrate breakthrough innovations improving the customer experience and the integration in the city.

Two proptypes of APTIS were built to test the technical and functional principles on real us routes in numerous cities.

Alstom asked Yellow Window to design the standard product to come.

Yellow Window accompanied Alsto from the definition of the positioning of the product, over its translation in the exterior and interior design and up to the development of the industrial design and interfacing with the internal engineering departments.

In a second mission, Alstom asked Yellow Window to develop communication material presenting the APTIS, its unique personality and strengths.
2017  - 2018
Yellow Window used the strengths of Aptis and particularly the unique architecture with all technical equipment being positioned on the roof, to creating new value at the level of the exterior and interior design.

The design of Aptis is different through :

The formal codes of the body stressing the silent nature of the vehicle and its integration in the city.

The use of common body parts for the front and rear reinforcing the symmetric architecture of the vehicle.

The design of the rear balcony and the frames of the windows stressing the 360° view on the city.

The modular interior lay-out allowing flexibility to adapt to changing needs.
ALSTOM - "Aptis" E-bus