UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics)
Design charter for innovative electric buses
As part of the European Bus System of the Future 2 project (EBSF_2), UITP created a working group to draft this first ever design charter. Designers from the UITP commission “design & culture” participated in this working group including from Yellow Window.

The ambition of the group was to use the transition from fuel to electricity to reinvent the travel experience and to make the electric bus a new urban object and not only a bus using a different technology.

Yellow Window has translated the charter into an architectural hypothesis for the bus of the future and to visualise the principles of the charter.
2016  - 2018
The bus, a system and not only a product

To build the charter and the architectural hypothesis of the bus of the future, the present offering was analysed (exterior and interior design, equipments) and also the use of the bus as a living space, observing the behavior of passengers throughout Europe.
The next stage was to take into account the points of view and constraints of the operators, manufacturers and cities to bring all stakeholders together into global innovation process taking on board principles of identity, accessibility, readability and flexibility.
UITP - Design charter for innovative electric buses