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    A collection of Remixes of 'The Forgotten Suite' Piano works. Stylistically diverse, Musically questionable. Enjoy.
The Forgotten Remixes
A selection of three 'Remixes' of the 'Forgotten Suite' Piano works. Intended to be stylistically broad and demonstrate different methods of sampling a particular type of sample - In this case, the Piano.
When I make beats, it is the Music that is scared.
Mas de Solane - Edited & Produced Daniel McGurty. D.M.G.
One of my two attempts at 'breakbeat'. Really influenced by Jungle Music on this track. Wanted a clean Bass sound, so ended up going for a nice combination of Sine-Wave pulses in the low end, leaving the mids and highs free of the harmonic partials associated with other wave-forms.
Spent a large focus considering layering different Piano samples on top of one another to form something of a 'wash of sound'. Delighted with how this one turned out.
Always Continuing - Edited & Produced Daniel McGurty. D.M.G.
I was aiming for a very different vibe on this tune, and otped for a nice 120bpm tempo, that said, didn't have a house tune in mind. The sample that enters and occupies the pieces initial exposition is a heavily time-stretched, reversed Piano sample taken from 'Always Continuing', as are the sample triggered, moving harmonically in parallel movement.
Do you like percussion?
This is actually a field across the road from my house. Image copyright Daniel McGurty
Leafless TreesEdited & Produced Daniel McGurty. D.M.G.
A straight, no messing Hip Hop beat. Samples are fairly recognisable, and arguably have been subject to the least processing of all the tunes in this project. Beat cuts through nicely, but isn't wrestling for frequency space with very much in the mix. Not a great deal to say about this, although contrary to the implications you may draw from that, probably my favourite piece in here.
Hope you enjoy it.

Another 'Mas de Solane' shot. Oh, and that's Elliot in a tree. Image copyright Daniel McGurty