Rejected poster proposal for Giffoni Film Festival 2013.

Short Description
The Giffoni Film Festival celebrates its 43-year old course and the theme is «Forever Young»; 43 years dedicated to youth being a really long time. The most important elements that we used for the design of the poster are the following; the number 43, associated with youth and all that it expresses. The number 43 is shown so prominently because we want to emphasize how old this festival is and that it is still active and fresh, youth being its key feature.

Poster Features
The leading role in the poster art is played by the number 43, not just inscribed but composed of items that have been used to express timeless values and emotions. Furthermore, 43 is not just a point in time but a way of life that aims to inspire people who feel young, regardless of their age. The design of these two things, namely the number and the message (Forever Young) is a single image because the festival expresses and encompasses youth in all its manifestations.

Usage of Typography
The typography used to depict the message and the number has been selected in order to convey on the one hand stability of values and timelessness, and on the other, strength and confidence, something that characterizes both youth and the festival. The decision to display the message within the number 43 symbolizes impulsivity and courage. We combine the confidence and energy of the typography with colorful objects to denote variety and diversity (gender, age, color, etc.)

Illustrations as Type
As for the objects, we wanted to use those most appropriate in order to be more than just objects but also to represent something. They include activities and concepts such as culture, timelessness, imagination, exploration, discovery, science, play, teamwork and solidarity. These notions relate to both young people who can follow them and to those whose spirit can keep up and encourage the young, which is precisely what the Giffoni Film Festival is all about.

Usage of Colours
The colors we selected are orange and blue. Orange expresses optimism, enthusiasm and ambition. It is the color of new ideas and imagination. It stimulates creativity and reveals energy, sociability and power. Blue symbolizes peace, dreams, mental tranquility, purity, devotion and, finally, sincerity. Therefore we combined these two colors in a very particular way so that one engages the other, and as a result the sensation coming out of it is energy and play. We chose a white background for all of the above to achieve greater contrast, but also because the big screen is white.
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