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    "Why Bother" lyrics and video.
Why Bother
Composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing by Michelle Ning Lo

The red sun retreats behind the mountains
The whales' sad song echoes under the pavilion 
The drunkard downs his wine in the depths of the pine forest 
They are all searching for ways to escape

The leaves of the weeping willow dance like snow
The yellow chrysanthemum flower cherishes its loneliness
The jasmine flowers decorate the branches
They are all beautiful, yet depressing

One mistake scars forever
Burning a mark onto my heart
Her fingers stroke a string-less lute
I listen to its silent tune

If it's possible to gaze at the moon every day
Why bother capturing its reflection in the water?
Why bother hiding the truth from Yi?
If it's possible to be with someone for ever and ever
Why bother searching for a better person?
Why bother lamenting what's past?
Why do I bother?

-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo