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    A bold, clever, minimalist brand for a Kansas-based brewer of beer.
Bier Lab
"I'm from Kansas and I have a yellow dog."
That was as close to a brief as I had beginning this project. It just so happened that the dog in question was a yellow Labrador Retriever. The brewer in question was a no-nonsense Kansan with an appreciation for the German history of beer brewing (he also owned an expensive and impressive pair of lederhosen, but that's neither here nor there). 

And thus Bier Lab was born!
Bier Lab's beer tasty. It's very tasty. It's the kind of beer that provokes comments like "this is a crisp post-lawn-mowing beer" or "it's like a fireside wintery stout that I can drink in August." Full disclosure, I said both of those things. But the important take away here is that it's not a pretentious beer. Bier Lab set out to make a beer that would cost the same as a cheap American adjunct can (the actual brand that was used as a means of comparison has been omitted, but it may or may not have rhymed with shmee shtone), but do it so that it tastes better. In these rough economic times, that's some admirable work.
The colors are all taken directly from the state flag of Kansas. It's also a bit of happy serendipity that these colors also have a lot in common with warm amber tones associated with beer. The interchangeable labels on the tap handles are all colored using these colors as well. Much like the beer itself, the brand was designed to be no-nonsense. Very direct and bold. Something that everyone can appreciate.