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    Children's character redesign and animated spots
PT Rebrand and Animated Spots
KCPT Kids - Kansas City
I was approached in late 2016 to redesign PT the owl for Kansas City Public Television's children's channel that would be launched in 2017. The character had existed for sometime, but had sort of fallen out of use. By time the idea of re-launching the children's channel had been approved, P.T. looked a bit dated.
Source: "PT Letter of the Week: O" KCPT, Youtube
Stylistically, KCPT wanted something that still kept some of the DNA of the original design, but was updated visually (they also still had a giant costume based on the original character that, ideally, they'd love to still be able to use).
Two major factors that influenced the final design of PT were simplicity and usability. Designing a children's character hit sort of close to home, mainly because I spent a lot of my childhood drawing, specifically drawing characters I saw on TV. Naturally, I gravitated towards the ones I could draw to some degree of success. I wanted to make a character that any kid watching could draw, so focusing on flat, simple, and bold shapes/colors was a must.

In terms of usability, by this time, I had agreed to make some animated spots using the character to air in between shows and commercials on the channel. Since I knew I would be building a character rig, I wanted to build PT with that ultimate goal in mind.
Ultimately, this project was insanely fulfilling for many reasons. Seeing PT on TV bouncing around and doing his thing is a sort of full-circle moment from copying characters off of the TV as a kid.