A Desk is where we work
— Kate Donnelly

Story about an ordinary table living unordinary life. The Desk is our medium. We work, we create, we inspire...

In 2010 Kate Donnally editor and author of the From your desk project contacted me and asked for my contribution. I was thrilled with the invitation. At first I was thinking to send a picture of my studio table as everyone else did, but then out of nowhere I decided to do something different...
The desk that has been following me since my creative beginnings is actually a very simple table made out of a few cheap parts. When I came to Zagreb to study design the financial situation wasn’t very good. I couldn’t afford to be in one place only, so I moved a lot, slept where I could. Because of that I made this table which could be disassembled and transferred to a new location in no time. I bought a simple white chipboard size 80×100 cm, and two wooden legs. I used to draw and paint a lot then, and the surface allowed me to work on all kinds of paper sizes. 
That desk is actually the only thing which stayed with me for years. I made my initial sketches on it, designed first works, it served as a stand to many computers, and today I mainly use it for photographing handmade letters.
Music: Evgeny Grinko - Other child room
Camera: Vladimir Koncar, Lejla Bakić
Director of photography, editing: Vladimir Koncar

2010 - 2013