Planetopija bookstore webshop
2009 // art direction, design, illustration

PLANETOPIJA books promote holistic approach to solving issues relatedto human beings and community, as well as trust in the power of innategrowth and development.
Planetopija is a home of mind, body and spirit. It is a place whereone can find all recent editions covering topics like self-development,global development, holistic approaches to health, environmentalprotection, spirituality, culture of living and the most beautifulchildren's books.

Illustration in the header randomly changes and you can adjust your browsing experience by choosing colour of the header under the motto "Colour your world (Oboji svoj svijet)".
I did the art directing, design and illustration and Aljosa Mohorović did the programming.

Produced and developed by Revolution Ltd.
3 basic illustrations
Colour combinations
Web layout