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    Big Sleep Book Cover for Penguin Awards
The Big Sleep
Book cover design with internal images
Hand screen printed and heavily processed photography for Penguin Books, The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler. 
Conceptually this image represents the idea of time and its effects. Within the 1940's  Film Noir style book there is an underlying theme of the longer time runs, the darker, more complex and warped the plot becomes. Being set in this era, matches were a common necessity for the amount of cigarettes that got smoked and interestingly the longer a match burns the more warped, crooked and distorted it becomes. Serving it's purpose by dying out. With this in mind I photographed 6 matches, representing the 6 characters who are murdered within the novel.
The smoke portrays each of their individual story's slowly and almost gracefully becoming twisted and intertwined with each other, become more complex to untangle as time goes on and the plot deepens.
I chose 4 prominent objects throughout the novel to work with for the internals, and they follow the concept of time eroding, destroying, and darkening. Another key theme throughout is how Detective Marlow, the primary character to referred to as a knight and each image represents a section of a chess board, with the concept of black vs white/ bad vs good. With the detective strategically making the right moves.