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    Self Promotion Coaster Designs
In order leave a lasting impression on an employer I designed 5 coasters, consisting of the necessary information (personal design beliefs/standards, experience skills, interests, contact information) along with wooden packaging to encase them all, with lazer cut design. Most importantly however, it provided me with the opportunity to showcase my specialism in image-making on each of the coasters.

There were two concepts behind designing coasters. The first was to portray my personality of being fairly laid back easy going - 'have a cup of tea and relax while you read about me and my design'

The second was to portray my thoughts on being a graphic designer. Our job is to solve problems. A mug ring stain (like on the box cover) is an obvious problem, but when the box is opened up, it reveals the solution in coasters, and possibly even the solution to the image-maker the company has been looking for.