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    Mobile app mockup for a mobile guide to bike repaire and maintenance.
This Bike Doc Pocket app is a fun, hypothetical project that I mocked up as a mobile guide to diagnosing and fixing common bike repair problems. It is intended to visually show what tools you need to get the job done.
Tool Information.

My roommates and I have been buying, building, repairing, and selling bikes for a while now. We love sharing our passion for cycling with those around us. Many friends have also gotten into biking recently. Whenever anything goes wrong, or something needs fixing, we are usually the first ones they call. We love helping whenever we can but we're not always around.
Repair Screen and Video View.

The full hypothetical app would have a visual guide to a bike, tapping on different parts of the bike will display the part's name and common problems/repairs. Step by step instructions would walk you through the repair, as well as link to common online tutorial videos. Also included would be a maintenance log, a Tool/Bike part matching game, and a way to find nearby repair shops for the tough jobs.
Table of Contents.
Preliminary Brainstorming notes.
Early Iteration.

This has been a preliminary mockup created with Adobe Illustrator.