Digital Media Conference Center and Hotel, Austin Tx
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    Mixed-use hotel and digital media conference center in downtown Austin.
Austin is quickly growing as the digital media hub of the south, this project is a Digital Media Conference Center located in downtown and includes retail, a hotel, fitness center, and bike hub.
Between 5th and 6th streets, major east-west thorough fares connecting downtown, and next to Shoal Creek, a hike and bike trail following the natural creek passing north-south through Austin, this project was sited in prominent juncture that had to address pedestrian, cycling and vehicular traffic.
According to the City of Austin's Shoal Creek Masterplan, Shoal Creek would serve as a green belt to link a series parks including Pease Park and Duncan Park. Rather than following the typical downtown building block typology of pushing as much store-frontage as possible to the street, this project sought to set these buildings in a park, to give a plaza and open green mall back to the pedestrians of the area. Additionally, a sunken plaza gives users direct access from the trail to the fitness center below the hotel.
Parti study models.
Process Models.
Sectional model in process.
Sectional Model 1/8th in = 1 ft scale.