Working with Wendover OB/GYN & Infertility in Greensboro, NC was a pleasure. Known for both its professionalism and empathy, the firm is the oldest and most trusted clinic in the region.

I was hired to create a series of advertisements, provide copy writing services, and clean up the design assets used by the clinic's marketing team. After several interviews with key stakeholders, I developed a brand script for the firm which highlighted their trustworthy status in the community, balanced with their desire to provide a wholistic approach to healthcare.
Above, you can see a black and white advertisement used by the firm in a public auction. The auction raised money for at-risk families.
This was a USPS postcard approved for bulk mailing. The card was sent to current firm clients who were from India and regions around India. The firm recently brought on a new physician who specialized in caring for patients from in and around India, so this card needed to build trust in clients regarding the new staff member.