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Award-Winning Marketing Campaign

Video animation created for social media ad campaign. I used this video on the book’s launch date to drive traffic to the book’s Amazon listing. The campaign was launched from the author’s social accounts and targeted to her ideal reader cohort.
A set of images created for a months-long campaign to market the book. Two of them were used for holiday sale promotions (hence the red ribbon and Christmas stocking).
Wallpapers created for the author’s email subscribers. I created these using assets from the book’s cover designer (Jamie Harris). Jamie designed several cover options for the author to choose from. For the marketing campaign, I received permission from Jamie to modify her other cover options and use them for the campaign. It worked great, as you can see. As a result of this campaign, the excellence of Jamie’s cover design, and the quality of Jessica’s poetry, this book became a #1 New Release on Amazon! That’s quite a feat for an independent author.
Award-Winning Marketing Campaign