Mobile island series.

'Moa' is a company specialized in design home appliance launched in 2018 with the support of Samsung Creative Square. With our module wireless charger, we are aiming to ultimately create a ‘wireless charging island’ by launching small-sized wireless charging compatible electronics.

Mass Production Project 2018

[IFA 2017 in Berlin]

[Concept design 2017 ]   ​​​​​​​
There was a mock-up concept that we made before. Considering our financial situations as a start-up company, we had to go with a selection and concentration strategy. After a year of trials and errors, we were able to turn our existing design concept into a mass-producible concept.

1. Ground, the basis of Mobile Island.​​​​​​​
Ground itself is a neat and perfect wireless charger. There is no redundancy and it adds accent to your desk space design. Also, it is the basis of Mobile Island, the wireless charging island on your desk.

[By placing a magnet inside Ground, users can easily connect modules.]

2. Extendable wireless charging modules
Any kind of phone, including iPhone, Android phone, and so on can be charged quickly. If you need to charge at places like a restroom, cafe, or a bookstore with many people, try using a ‘Ground’ wireless charger with a magnet inserted!

[Mobile Island products provides fast wireless charging of Android phone 10w and iPhone 7.5w.]

3. Garden, the tray that makes desk organizing easier
The size of our 'garden tray' is perfect for desk organizing. We plan to increase the number of module tray designs down the road.

[Trays are magnetically coupled and are big enough to hold writing tools, 
business cards, and small electronic devices. It helps you organize your desk.]

4. Building, the wireless charging for small home appliances ​​​​​​​
Currently, we are planning a line of wireless charging products. We are producing our own Bluetooth speakers, lighting, wireless back-up batteries, and wireless mini fans. We are also working on IoT linked wireless products in cooperation with IoT companies.

5. Detail cut
Make your own wireless charging island in order that charging is not a work but a happy moment:)

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Mobile island - modular wireless charger