Audi Rocking Horse
"The purest form of a Rocking horse"

Audi design challenge 2016 - Finalist (top 4)
section: furniture
material: carbon fiber
designer: jang won / kim young min

Audi for my child.

We saw a sentimental side of Audi. Everybody may have a memory of pretending to drive sitting on the driver’s seat of their 
father’s car at least once as a child. Children yearn for their parent’s car.
We began making a design with a keyword of aspiration and we decided to design Audi only for children and 
Audi children could operate by themselves. We made a conclusion that the item satisfying both things was rocking horse.

The purest type of rocking horse.

Audi is a company making a design with a moderate line. As revealed on Audi’s design guide, it was highly affected by 
Ten Commandments by a German designer 'Dieter rams.' He is one of the designers who emphasized the moderation in the design. 
We tried to find the purest form of rocking horse and the pure design Audi pursued by referring to the Audi’s design guide. 
We kept removing details of the existing rocking horse and finally the design of rocking horse was completed 
when only the function part of the rocking horse was left.  

Material and production method
Use of carbon fiber.

The material is the carbon fiber. As the carbon fiber is light and intense, it is commonly used for the transport machines. 
It is a material harmonizing with the furniture for children because it is light and strong. But the biggest reason
we chose the carbon is because it was a material that could express the slogan ‘Progress through technology’ 
by Audi and it could raise the completion of the design.

Audi design challenge 2016 - seoul, korea

thank you!!