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    Bicycle theft is a big problem in Copenhagen. The campaign pitch uses the best of digital and the best of ambient ideas to effectively communicat… Read More
    Bicycle theft is a big problem in Copenhagen. The campaign pitch uses the best of digital and the best of ambient ideas to effectively communicate the problem. Read Less
People Unite In A Virtual Choir Against Bicycle Theft
The children song "I'm So Happy For My Bicycle" is known by all Danes. By changing the lyrics to the past tense: "I WAS So Happy For My Bicycle" - suddenly the song is about somebody who used to have a bike. That way the song becomes a message to bicycle thieves directly from the people as they express their frustration.
On the site the user can sing a duet with a rock star and be backed by fellow Copenhageners. Use the webcam to record the song. A music music video is auto generated and the user is now backed by a massive choir of everybody that sang before him. 
This is pitch project and we actually performed the song with the client in the presentation. We didn't it, but even so I'm very proud of it. 
Bicycle Lane Karaoke - Sing Against Bicycle Theft While You Bike
We print the lyrics of song onto the asphalt. The space between the lines are adjusted to match the average speed of a cyclist. 
Viral idea: The Anti Bicycle Theft Choir
We place an attractive bike on a street and point a few hidden cameras on it. A huge gospel choir is waiting behind the wall. When someone tries to steel the bike, the choir bursts into singing. The reaction is filmed from multiple angles.
Music Video - Sing A Duet Backed By The Massive Copenhagen Choir 
This is a break down of the music video that gets auto-generated after after recording the song. The video includes the user singing alone, in a duet and backed by the massive choir that is the people of Copenhagen.
Facebook Post: "Your friend is fighting bicycle theft in a duet with a Rock Star"
A post saying that one of your friends just sang a song you know, about a problem you can relate to in a duet with a famous singer don't come along every day.
Anti Bicycle Theft Bar Kit
Nightclub Stamp
80 % of bicycle thefts happen when people are going home from a night out. By putting the message on the arm of the target group we increase the chance of them seeing it in that critical moment. 
Drinks Coasters
Another very relevant contact point when the target group is 18-25 year old males that sometimes happen to "loan" a bicycle when they leave the bar.
Creative Directors: Thomas Pries, Nikolaj Fremming (Me)
Digital Art Director: Kasper Nyman