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It is always the greatest safeguard for a man to convince others of his sincerity and good intentions, since those operating on the Inner Mind of those persons will provide safety against any bad thought-current which an enemy might have started out of envy.
Envy is what creates karma. In the above video, Sadhguru clearly explains what is karma.

If left unguarded, this building of karmic content can cause death and rebirth, the cycle of what goes around comes around, as mentioned in the Gita by Krishna.

Animation is the keynote of the fifth dimensional space while static or death-like stillness has been the index of three dimensional space. The fourth dimension introduced to you movement and not necessarily life. A machine working automatically is described as variation of position with the time element, while the human body which is vibrating with the pulse of life is also similarly described.

Thought Co-ordinate and Life

Now to appreciate the fifth dimension I have, told you that thought which is the source of events emanating from the mind constitutes that complex entity which has never been correctly perceived. To make it more intelligible I have said that life is the test of the fifth dimension. 

A train travelling from station A to station B at 30 miles an hour is correctly in the fourth dimension but to bring it into the fifth dimension it is a very complex process as I will presently show. A table or chair in a room is described in the three dimensional space. Change the chair into the next room. You describe the change in the terms of time and every minutely variation pervading the act is called the event. Similarly every variation created in the event by the thought coordinate is life. Living universe pervaded by the forces of Prakriti is the fifth dimensional space.