The Ramayana in Brief
Here's the brief outline of the story of the Ramayana as presented by Tulsidas in his epic, Ramcharitmanas. The metre of the verse is the same as was followed by Tulsidas.
The people who sing of these deeds with due thought Are the guards of the lake for their carefulness sought.
The people who constantly listen with rev’rence Are lords of the garden to whom gods yield dofrcnce.
All sensual people are like cranes and crows,
The wretches who never come near where this flows;
For here are no stories like snails, frogs and scum,
Nothing lustful and sensual; for such they would come!
Their hope disappointed would be if they got here;
The things greedy crows and cranes look for are not here.
Distressingly hard is the way to this lake,
And without Rama’s grace none the journey can make.
it is evil companions make fearsome the way;
Like tigers and snakes are the things that they say.
Home duties and things that distract the time Are the steep stony mountains, each one hard to climb.
Dense woods are our pleasures, our passions, our pride; Our errors and falsehoods are streams deep and wide.
A stream at all six seasons flowing and pure Is Rama’s fame, ever enchanting and sure,
The winter’s the wedding of god and hill-maiden,
And Rama’s glad birth the next season dew-laden;
His wedding’s bright story, with eager crowds thronging,
Is spring, king of seasons, fulfilling ail longing;
Hot summer’s his dread banishment to the jungle,
The journey’s the hot wind and rays that then mingle;
As the rich rainy season refreshes the fields,
So his conquest over demons to gods blessing yields;
The gentleness, greatness and bliss of his reign,
Like the bounteous autumn give joy once again
The unrivalled virtues of Sita given here Are the water incomp’rably holy and clear;
Its coolness is Bharat’s fine spirit and ways.
Reliable always and far beyond praise.
My own humble longings and pray’rs are no failing,
But pure water’s bright, bubbling freshness upwelling.
it is marvellous water, by hearing effective It satisfies thirst, removes all that’s defective.
This water the true Jove of Rama revives,
And all sm of this evil age from our midst drives;
Dispels all life’s weariness; thirst satisfies;
And removing all pain, want and guilt, peace supplies.
Quenched is all passion, pride, fury, ungodliness;
Increased all insight and all true unworldliness.
All who here with reverence bathe and drink ever,
Will find their hearts free from all sin and dread fever.
The fearful, whose hearts in this water ne’er lave.
Are all lost in this evil age; such none can save;
All helpless in longing and suff’ring they wander,
Like deers mirage-seeking their strength vainly squander.
As far as I’m able I’ve told of the water’s Great virtues; my mind I immerse.
Recalling Lord Shankar and his dear Bhavanil,
The fair story now I’ll rehearse.
His aid thus securing, my heart I place lowly At Lord Rama’s feet, blessed station,
And give at their meeting the Saints Yajnavalkya’s And Bharadvaja’s conversation.

The Ramayana in Brief

The Ramayana in Brief

Ramayana in brief.

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