Hanuman, the ideal devotee
Lord Hanuman is considered the epitome of devotees, and his devotion to Lord Ram has made him a deity in his own right. There are many images depicting Hanuman tearing the flesh around his heart, to dispaly an image of Rama and Sita. So intense was his devotion that Hanuman himself is worshipped in temples. Just how did these two meet. In Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas, it is described beautifully, and Hanuman is shown as falling at the feet of his lord from the first moment.
Rama, leaving the lake, went cm further and came To a mountain stronghold, Rishyamuk was its name;
There Sugriva monkey-king, with his ministers dwelt;
Seeing men of-unrivalled strength coming, he felt Much disturbed and to Hanuman said in alarm,
“Here two strangers have come of great power and charm;
“Take the form of a Brahman and try to find out
“Who they are; then some sign send to answer my doubt;
“If they’re from demon Bali, our rascally foe,
“We must leave this hill and to some other place go.”
So the monkey went to them in Brahman priest’s guise,
And with bowed head he questioned them after this wise: “You are wandering here in the woods, noble pair “Of great Kshatriya heroes, one dark and one fair,
“Roads are hard and your feet are of tenderest stuff;
“Why then wander these wood paths, sirs, tiring and rough “To the wood’s fearful heat you should not be exposed,
“With these frames of fine delicate beauty composed;
‘You must be either from the three chief gods sublime,
“Or great Nara and Narayan, gods of old time
“Or are you the great lord of all worlds, incarnate
“In human form now to achieve
“For all creatures release from the curse of existence,
“And earth from its burdens relieve”
‘We are sons of Kosala’s king Dasrath,” said they;
“By his order we’re wand’ring the woods in this way;
“Our names Rama and Lakshman, two brothers are we,
“And my beautiful bride," Rama said, “was with me,
“By some demon Vaidehi was borne far from here;
Searching for her we’ve wandered the woods far and near. “We have told you, sir Brahman, of our thoughts and cares; “Now we ask you the same, tell us of your affairs"
Hanuman, knowing now his lord, at his feet fell With a joy, Uma, far beyond my powers to tell.
At the sight of that beautiful form his voice failed,
Thrilled with joy that o’er both soul and body prevailed; Having recognised now his own lord, he rejoiced,
And his feelings controlling, his praise thus he voiced:   
“When of you 1 ask questions, ’tis all that 1 can;
“But why ask them of me, Master, like a mere man?
“Misled by illusion, I made my big blunder,
“And failed, lord, to recognise you ’tis no wonder.
“I myself, dull of mind, am to error exposed,
“Ignorant and perverse too in heart;
“Then you kindly and for my good also allowed me “To make my mistake, on your part.
'Tho’ I’m full, lord, of failings and faults, as are all,
“From your service let me never foolishly fall;
“Ev’ry creature is in your delusive pow’r bound,
"By your grace alone can full deliv’rance be found,
“So to you alone, Raghubir, make I my pray’r;
“Of no other true worship form am I aware;
“As sons trust their parents, so servant his master,
“And serving him fears neither change nor disaster ”
Then Hanuman humbly before his lord fell,
Thro’ his own body now his love trying to tell Rama, raising him, clasped him with joy to his breast,
And with tears of love bathed him, to give his mind rest, “Monkey friend," he said, “think not yourself mean and base, “Second only to Lakshman in love is your place;
“As the lord who looks on all alike am I known;
"But that one is most dear who true service has shown.
“There is none who can equal that one, Hanuman,
“In whose heart this great faith never fails:
“I am servant of him from whom all forms have come,
“Him whose will over all things prevails,”
Hanuman, the ideal devotee

Hanuman, the ideal devotee

Hanuman meets Rama.

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