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TECHOCO - 技理チョコ

Product Design / 2018

TECHOCO (Original Title : 技理チョコ - Giri Choco) is a product concept of chocolate.
I made this work for the Valentine's Day. On the day people in Japan give chocolate to someone as a token of appreciation and they call it 義理チョコ(Giri choco). When I was playing on words, I thought up an idea to make chocolate which has some technological elements, specifically electric circuits and named it TECHOCO.

 Title : TECHOCO 
 Year : 2018
 Category : Product Design / 3DCG Art
 Type : Personal Project
 Tools: Adobe Illustrator / Maxon Cinema 4D / OTOY Octane

TECHOCO - 技理チョコ


TECHOCO - 技理チョコ

TECHOCO - Product concept of chocolate