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AKIRA - アキラ

Graphic Design / Motion Graphics 

AKIRA is a logo I created as a part of my daily logo design project.
This is a tribute to my favorite and the world's most striking anime AKIRA. I designed a logo based on the English title AKIRA and the Japanese title アキラ. As you can see below, the logo contains both "アキラ" and "AKIRA". I also add some lines shaped like a capsule outside the characters inspired by Kaneda's jacket. The combination of the two words represents the world of AKIRA where various fusion occurs.
In addition to the logo, I made short motion graphics in celebration of AKIRA's 30th anniversary of release. (18/07/16)


 Title : AKIRA
 Year : 2017 - 2018
 Category : Graphic Design / Motion Graphics
 Tools : Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effects

AKIRA - アキラ


AKIRA - アキラ

AKIRA Logo Design