Print Design / 2018

YEAR OF DOG - New Year Card of 2018.
In Japan, there is a zodiac calendar called 十二支 (Juunishi). According to this, 2018 is the year of the dog. To greet the new year, this special postcard was designed and produced in limited numbers.

The motif of this postcard is 'Dog' and 'Calendar'. A chinese character '戌' (which means dog) was deformed into a dog's face shape and placed with some other calendar-like elements. The graphic was hot stamped with gold foil on high quality paper Vent Nouveou V.


 Title : YEAR OF DOG
 Year : 2018
 Category : Print Design / Graphic Design
 Client : Personal Project
 Printing : Hot Foil Stamping
 Printed by : Graphic Co. Ltd.
 Paper : VENT NOUVEAU V - Snow White