Australian public service announcement campaign ​​​​​​​

Include a Charity is a non-profit organization from Australia, whose purpose is to increase the number
of people including charities in their wills. That's why the name of the campaign is "The billion-dollar question".

The reason that our client choose an animation was to create a cohesive look and feel between some of the infographic elements such as numbers and graphs and depicting the interaction between solicitor-client. Thanks to that we were not limited to a particular type of solicitor and client and of course helped us to save some time without casting.


collageanimation 2d
collageanimation 2d

​​​​​​​Collage with a simplified colour palette was the perfect style for animated public service announcements, and it is also understandable for the older viewer. It is original and distinctive approach rather than a predictable infographic look we’ve all seen a hundred times. The subject matter is reasonably serious and the impact on charities significant - but we were looking to present it in a fresh, creative way that is entertaining and engaging without being too childish.

The visual style we create runs through other social campaign elements, such as print ads. The campaign utilised several channels directly targeting Australian solicitors: an interview-based training platform, editorial, print advertising in legal journals and a short video about our research findings and their potential impact, which was distributed directly to solicitors via eDMs.

collageanimation 2d

collageanimation 2d
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