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SGR illustrations
Every once in a while, we see something that inspires us. When the opportunity arises, either to fill a gap between projects or as an illustration for a project, it is important to keep the creative juices flowing. It is always a learning experience and the results always bring out a smile.

As I was walking around Nairobi, I saw this ...
The New Nairobi Skyline @Jimmy Gitonga
I thought I might do a study on some buildings. Here is the new UAP Tower. The grayscale version is for architectural appreciation.
I read about the inspiration and meaning of the facade of the Nation Centre. Can you tell what it is?
I could not live out this iconic building. The KICC tells you that you have arrived in Nairobi. The architecture also has an interesting African story behind it.
The Kenya Parliament gate and clock tower.
A project came along that required a familiar but different view of the new Kenya Standard Gauge Railway system. The project fell through but I enjoyed rendering the trains.
I needed to show some building in the city of Mombasa for the poster that I was doing. Here are two of them.

The Twahir Sheikh Said (TSS) Tower.
This is Kestrel House.
So here is my Kenya SGR fan art poster.
Thanks and if you need some vector illustrations, don't hesitate. 
SGR illustrations