"East or west, home has no boundaries"
For this project we were asked to design a direct-mail campaign for the outdoor company, Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters (FRVO).
The campaign must contain various phases consisting of both print- and social media based design.
Phase one: Tent box
During the first phase of the campaign, representatives of FRVO will promote at 4x4 events by engaging with 4x4 enthusiasts and
handing out promotional gifts. For this, we designed a small fold out box in the shape of a tent that contains two gifts.

These gifts consist of a pot-pourri air freshener as well as a supple gear shift cover. The idea is that these items can make your
vehicle smell and feel like home. The box doubles as a call to action and contains links to FRVO’s facebook and web page.
Phase two: Online
The ‘tent-box’ hopefully encouraged our target audience to visit the given website and page links.
On these social media pages, consumers can choose to complete a quiz to determine what type of camper they are.
The results unclude ‘Ware Wragtig’ for the true adventurous camper, ‘Proe Prof’ for the camper with a finer taste for life
and ‘Knap Knaap’ for the organised and in control camper.After completing the quiz consumers are urged to fill in their
details to receive a package and exclusive invite to a camp sponsored by FRVO.
Phase 3: Housewarming
The direct mail package serves as a “Housewarming gift” from FRVO to welcome campers to their ‘home’ (home being the FRVO community).
This involves a detachable box consisting of a bottle opener, coaster, GPS stand and a welcoming mat for your vehicle.
The gift also includes an insert with instructions on how to use the box, as well as an invite to the FRVO camping event.
Phase four: Camping buddies
This phase includes the event; a camp sponsored by FRVO where campers can show how efficiently they live out of their vehicles.
We've created three campsites based on each persona mentioned earlier. Campers with the same persona can camp together and get to know each other. We have created signs that will direct the campers to their specific campsite. 
Phase five: Memento
Lastly, we’ve created postcards containing a voucher that will be handed out to campers at the event. With this we want to promote the idea that stay away from home so comfortable, it’s as if you never left home. Campers can use the vouchers to
get discount off their next FRVO purchase or keep it as a reminder.
Direct-Mailer: Frontrunner

Direct-Mailer: Frontrunner

Integrated direct-mail campaign for the outdoor company; Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters.


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