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Ford Credit - Global User Experience (GUX)
Ford Credit - Global User Experience (GUX)

While at GTB I was part of a global team of creatives specializing in UX/UI Design. I was one of three ACD's managing the global effort, and I was responsible for many brand launches, along with all Ford Credit business. The content below showcases the user experience I managed for Ford Credit.

 I was asked to internally take over the Ford Credit account as an ACD. In years prior the Ford Credit work wasn't exactly known for being exciting, and the clients were very, very, tough. After a bit of research, and some meetings I realized that they just needed to be listened to, and treated with the same passion our brand clients were used to. I then jumped at the chance to turn a piece of business everyone ignored, into something I would own.

Taking from the Global User Experience design I managed a team of designers and rolled out a new Ford Credit experience. The creative included over thirty implementations, such as...landing pages, payment processing, credit applications, account management, payment estimators, due date changes, etc. all the while being customized per region across the globe.

Ford Credit - Global User Experience (GUX)