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    Cover artwork and inside-illustrations, for the 2012/2013 Hi-Fi Klubben Product Catalogue
Annual catalogue for Hi-Fi Klubben

Hi-Fi klubben is chain of stores in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, with products in the sound and image categories. While I was interning at Oh Yeah Studio, I did the cover illustration and inside illustrations for the 2012 /2013 Hi-Fi Klubben Product Catalogue.

This was a collaboration with Hans Christian Øren of Oh Yeah Studio, and I was behind the drawings, while Øren worked with the graphics, colour and art direction. The concept was to focus on the different areas within the products of Hi-Fi Klubben. The ear and elements associated with listening, especially music equipment. The eye and element associated with seeing, especially within the film watching experience. The heart represented feelings associated with the different products, and the hand the future developments.

More on Hi-Fi Klubben: http://www.hifiklubben.no/