"I have had the pleasure of working with Caitlin for a year and a half so far. In that time she has demonstrated strong leadership, a passion for brands, and a strong work ethic. Her creativity is exceptional and purpose driven. She is a great multitasker with good time management skills and works hard to give her clients, both internal and external, multiple options that each communicate a specific idea. She is a true asset to our team and a brilliant Creative Service Manager.”

-- Michelle Dailey, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Westone Music Products
​​​​​​​[Caitlin’s] always kind demeanor, reliability, and trustworthiness made working with her an absolute pleasure. She readily recognized needs and gaps and filled them before ever needing to be told to and she was always willing to volunteer herself and put in the extra hours to deliver on those promises.

On top of all of that, Caitlin has strong business acumen and is capable to see a project from conception through execution while keeping the voice of the customer front and center in all of her decisions. Furthermore her talent with Adobe Suite is top notch and her speed is admirable.

All in all I would recommend Caitlin to anyone that is looking for her skillset, both in the freelance and corporate worlds.”

-- Blake Gaiser, Director of Product and Marketing at Westone Laboratories, Inc.