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Woodlot Skincare Packaging Design

I am born from the earth.
She formed me to shine bright.
With that gift in my hands,
I strayed and lost my way.

She waited for me.
I returned with open eyes,
My tarnish born a newness —
A patina of life so beautiful.

I see that in all her luster,
I was always her and
She was always me.
From within,
From my depths.
She illuminates me and I emit her Light.


A personal conversation written about a woman's journey from the vanity of human desire to the purity of self-love. In a world of heavily marketed cosmetic and skincare brands on perfectly adorned models, our idea of beauty and youth can be skewed, even when we claim to have a healthy reflection of what we see in the mirror, the inner critic speaks loudly at times.

In this light, “She” is mother earth. The one who bore us so purely, so perfectly.
When we return to her, we return to a simple way — innately stripping away the man-made ingredients that do more harm than good. In returning to her with the wisdom of self-growth, we find ourselves, natural and beautiful in her eyes.

Arithmetic’s packaging program for Woodlot Skincare is an ode to this love story. One of patience, of whole love for the earth and in that, self-love. The myriad of metallic flecks and muted jewel tones adorning the boxes are inspired by Mother Earth’s jewelry box of minerals and stone.

Packaging design, graphic design, typography, art direction, colour system and photography styling for Woodlot Skincare.

Designed in Vancouver, Canada by arithmetic.

Woodlot Skincare Packaging Design


Woodlot Skincare Packaging Design

A visual conversation written about a womans’ journey from the vanity of human desire to the purity of self love. In a world of heavily marketed Read More