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5. Mace Windu // Lightsaber
5. Mace Windu

Substance, Maxwell and Lightsabers.
My personal attempt to combine Substance texturing tools with Maxwell's unbiased rendering.

Modeling was done in Maya.
Rendering was done in Maxwell Render

Maxwell Render

Substance Painter
High poly - 87414 Triangles
Low poly - 4570 Triangles
1 Texture Set

Download both high-poly and low-poly versions here for FREE -
Oh, and in case if you're wondering, how this lightsaber would look like if it would be .. say .. a part of standard storm-trooper's equipment - here it is.

(I just removed metallic layer and added a bit of glossy film - "tom's" style) 


5. Mace Windu // Lightsaber

5. Mace Windu // Lightsaber

Mace Windu Lightsaber for grabs