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Visualization for Project 21

3D Visualization for Project 21
with original photography by Markus Klinko

As a part of the NiCE2 initiative, we partnered with Markus Klinko to release a set of 21 unique photographs made by him over the years. All Packed in a simple yet timeless plexiglass container.

Designed to hold the collection and serve as a display, while staying invisible.

You can learn more about this collection and release here

The challenge was to visualize this glass display without taking even a fraction of attention from its contents. It has to be there, and not at the same time.

The solution was to place the light precisely at the spot so it will be reflected only on the facets of the display. Revealing the outline. The hints of the plexiglass framing.

Thank you!

Visualization for Project 21