Beck poster for Adobe Summit 2018

Very cool to get a chance to work on a poster for Beck. I have been a fan for a long time and was excited for the chance. He performed at the closing party for the Adobe Summit conference in Las Vegas, NV. I collaborated on this poster with a fellow designer, Lidia Lukianova, and we started out planning for an augmented reality component to go along with the printed poster. 

The design for the poster was sketched in Adobe Sketch on the iPad, then created in vector in Adobe Illustrator. 

Close-up of the lettering
Small bug at the bottom that explains how to view the AR content. 
Almost the entire piece, printed and animated AR content was sketched out in Adobe Sketch on the iPad. It was the only way to really get an idea of the work that would go into this poster. Here is a quick video time-lapse of the price
The final moment in the animation started as this super complex sketch. 
Utilizing HP's Reveal app platform, everyone that received one of these posters could also view the poster and have it come to life. Here is the animation flat.  
And here is how the experience works as if viewed through the app. 
Few close-ups of the animals that appear in the scene.