Adobe Chinese New Year 2018 Illustration
Adobe Chinese New Year 2018 and 
20th Anniversary Illustration

This illustration was for the Adobe marketing group in China to use for marketing materials throughout the year. It was created using Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustrator. There are some looser styles mixed in and some new coloring approaches that I wanted to try out for this one and I love the way it came out and reminded me of when my Grandpa used to give me a red envelope for Chinese New Year with money in it! 

Be sure to check out the process time lapses created in app for both Sktech and Draw, one of my favorite new features in both apps. 

Illustration with the 20 in place to represent 20 years of Adobe in China. 
Detailed sketch done in Adobe Sketch, the way I work all the time now. 
First steps in Adobe Draw, was very new to me to not use one dark color to outline everything and I love the way this style lightened up the whole piece. 
Time-lapse of creating the sketch in Adobe Sketch. I mostly just lean on the graphite pencil tool and a lot of erasing to get to desired effect. 
Time-lapse of vector inking in Adobe Draw. The layer organization was crazy important to this one, especially without a single dark outline color.