Chido & Padre's | Brand Identity
Chido & Padre's Baja Mexicana

Creative challenge:
To create a brand system that embodies a minimalist interpretation of the traditional Otomi (Mexican fabric print) style. Must include the likeness of a dove (Chido) and a donkey (Padre). Also, to develop a diverse and vibrant color palette to complement the black/white logo.

Circular logo
Linear exterior sign logo using a different type style, while remaining visually connected to the circular logo
Business card design and template design
Menu design for 5 menus (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, and Tequila)
Banner design
Brand guidelines document (not shown here)
Circular Logo
Secondary color palette.
This video shows the transformation of the traditional Otomi fabric pattern into a simplified logo element.
This is an example of a social media post, utilizing many of the brand elements.
All photos of food and the physical building are courtesy of Chido & Padre's.
Linear Logo and Banners (Building Exterior)
The linear exterior sign logo uses a custom created typeface.
Banner designs.
Exterior of the building showing the linear sign and one of the banner designs.
Business Cards
The photographs here are owned by Chido & Padre's and should not be reproduced.
Chido & Padre's | Brand Identity

Chido & Padre's | Brand Identity

This is a restaurant brand system that includes two logo designs, five menu designs, two banner designs, and business card design. The brand new Read More


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