Meia.Dúzia® - Portuguese Flavours Experience
Honey Packaging Design // 2016

Meia.Dúzia® provides tasting experiences in packs of 6 "meia.dúzia" flavours. Seeking to amaze with the creation of unexpected and unique flavours. The "experiments" resort to genuinely Portuguese ingredients such as Port Wine, Douro Moscatel and Madeira Wine as Portuguese designation of origin, such as the Bravo de Esmolfe apple, Azores Pineapple and Rocha pear and also  biologically produced raw materials.

After almost 2 years working with Inspirina, the company decided to create a new line of products and asked us to create all the packagin for the Honey experiences. As we've been working with the brand since 2014, it was a no brainer to do the work, but this time we had all the creative freedom to bring a new pack. So, we designed a inspired bee hive packaging, using triangular packaging for each tube, and gold to relate with the honey color. The labels followed the same direction, using the colors of the ingredients.

The result was amazing, giving all sort of applications in the stores, with the extra that the work was highlighted on a packing specialty website. Maybe now it will be on the Behance ;).

See the cover on Packaging of the World