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    Work made in collaboration with Insónia Audiovisual
CERCIGUI - Causa Nostra
Video Campaign // 2017

CERCIGUI - Cooperative for Education and Rehabilitation of Inadvertent Citizens of the Municipality of Guimarães, CRL, is a social solidarity institution that works with disabled citizens in the municipality of Guimarães, Portugal. Our partnership comes from 2015, when in a contest launched by the institution for the rebranding of the instiution, Inspirina® in the person of its collaborator João Trigo, won the prize. Since then, we've been working together with the sole objective of offering the best conditions to those who need it most, calling those who want to speak to those who need to listen.

In 2017, the CERCIGUI asked us to prepare a campaign, in order to secure funds through "godfathers" for a new space that was desperately in need of work to be able to continue their work. Inspirina was associated with Insomnia Audiovisual and created the "Causa Nostra" campaign, which has developed in the traditional media and in the new media, social networks.
By the end of 2017, the goal was fulfilled and the building was inaugurated. More than any financial return, we will continue to work in a pro-bono way, the joy of being part of this project and knowing that it was with our support that these kids and adults can now enjoy unique conditions, is undoubtedly a pride that motivates us daily.

If you want to help, you can find all the information available at www.cercigui.pt. You will see that you do not regret it.