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    These are examples of various designs and renderings I created for Chick-fil-A while I was employed at BBI Architects.
BBI Architects

While at BBI Architects, I had the opportunity to act as project manager for a number of Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Southeast and Southwest region of the United States. I was responsible for adapting the chain’s prototypical designs and CD’s for the proposed property and for coordinating the building permit process with the local code officials. I also coordinated the rest of the project team including engineers, FF&E, Signage, and fabricators and was the link between Chick-fil-A and the rest of the team via email, phone, and bi-monthly progress phone conferences. Most of these projects were new, free standing restaurants while others were adaptive reuse of existing buildings or renovation of existing stores. My main task was to ensure that the prototype building could be built on the chosen site with respect to local design ordinances as well as IBC, IFC, ADA, and sometimes NFPA 101. With some projects this was accomplished with minimal revisions to the prototype while others required extensive reworking of the building in order to conform. On occasion, I was given the opportunity to design and present additions to the prototype for which I would create presentation renderings for Chick-fil-A for approval and then incorporate then design into the construction set.
Seating Addition Design
Houston, Tx.

We customized this store in Houston, Tx. with a Diner type seating area at the Store Operator's request. I was responsible for the design of the Dining Area as well as the construction documents and project management for the entire building.
Modeled and rendered in Sketchup
When we added the Dining Area, we were required to remove the bearing wall under the curved, brick parapet. I created these images in Revit to convey the design intent to the rest of the project team.
Arbor Design
Denver, Co.
Model created in Sketchup and Revit.
Rendered in Artlantis.