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    This was a project to improve the altar in St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.
BBI Architects

This project included renovations of the Altar for St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Echo, La. 
My role in this project was to collaborate with Brad Everett on the redesign of the Altar and produce renderings showing the design intent.  Brad took a lead role on this job as Project Manager and lead designer while I supported him with the images (that I produced in Revit) and a portion of the design. 
Interestingly enough, this church was originally designed by Brad's Grandfather who was an Architect local to the area. 
With that in mind, and with the wishes of the congregation, it was important that we stay true to his original design.  One way we accomplished this was by using the design of the existing “Mondrian” type stained glass in the opening we created over the Altar.  The light and dark wood behind the Altar was intended to soften the expanse of brick by breaking up the brick and adding a better contrasting backdrop for the existing Cross and Tabernacle.
Rendering of New Altar Design  (created in Revit)
Photograph of Existing Altar
The need to break up the mass of the brick wall quickly became apparent.  Adding stained glass above the altar and the built-out wood paneling behind it enabled us to break up the mass of the existing brick wall.
Interior Elevation
Section Thru Altar
Floor Plan
Elevation/ Section