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Daily UI Challenge 2018 | Personal Work

Daily UI Challenge 2018
UI Design - Design - Typography

Start - 22 / 02 / 2018
Until - 16 / 04 / 2018

I started this challenge shortly before starting a job in a User Experience Agency. I never got to complete the 100 prompts but here is a small selection of my favourites that I managed to finish. My skills have improved a lot since taking part in the challenge but I like to keep this in my portfolio to remind myself how far I have come in a short space of time.

Unfinished, but hope to redo the challenge again down the line to see how far I have come.

Daily UI #001 Sign Up​​​​​​​
For the first prompt I wanted to create as much of the content as possible. So using my own macro photograph of fern leaves I based the whole design from this. This fictional application is called 'Faunus' which is the Roman Horned God of Forests, Plains & Fields. Focusing on the forests aspect I created a colour palette to compliment this and a typographic logo that is minimal with a bit of character. Using a leaf shape which is placed above the letter 'a' this helps accentuate the strong pronunciation for the word and creates a clean and fresh brand. The prompt called for a 'sign up' page and I created two other screens to compliment - home, sign up, sign in.
Daily UI #002 Credit Card Checkout​​​​​​​
For the second prompt I wanted to keep things associated with a credit card and all its requirements when shopping online. I wanted the overall design to be minimal, different and flexible for any screen, whether it be an additional pop up or a stand alone form page.
Daily UI #003 Landing Page​​​​​​​
#003 in the Daily UI Challenge and it required creating a landing page. So I decided to re-do the landing page of my own portfolio website mock-up and this is what I came up.
I wanted something very different and vibrant.
Daily UI #006 User Profile​​​​​​​
I wanted to create a user profile / about introduction page to compliment prompt #003 - Landing Page as I had based it around my personal portfolio. 
Extra Daily UI #003 #006 Mobile Versions​​​​​​​
Here I created mobile versions of both prompt #003 - landing page & #006 - user profile.
Daily UI #009 Music Player​​​​​​​
I enjoyed this prompt a lot. It was a challenge at first but it soon all came together after a little break from it. 
Daily UI #012 E-Commerce Shop
I really enjoyed this prompt and I based it off of the brand I created in prompt #001 but completely changed the style and I might even redo the first prompt with this aesthetic
I wish I had my own product photography that I could have used for this. 
- Photo credit goes to Ylanite Koppens from Pexels. 
Daily UI #017 Email Receipt
Had a bit of fun with this one. 
Daily UI #020 Location Tracker
Minimal location tracker. As a more developed web application this would include more detailed instructions on how to navigate to the destination no matter the mode of transport.
Daily UI #021 Home Monitoring Dash
Now this was a challenge but I really enjoyed it. 
Daily UI #022 Search
Minimal. To the point.
Daily UI #023 Onboarding
Fresh and clean welcome page for an account setup. 
- Photo credit goes to Scott Webb from Pexels.
Daily UI #024 Boarding Pass
Really enjoyed this one.
- logo source;
Daily UI #33 Customize Product
Daily UI #035 Blog Post
Daily UI Challenge 2018 | Personal Work

Daily UI Challenge 2018 | Personal Work

Daily UI Challenge 2018


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