Bad Soap Opera
Radio Campaign

Indonesia's Broadcasting Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI))’s survey in 2017 stated that 
sinetron (soap opera) is the worst form of entertainment on TV. 
One of KPI’s commissioners revealed that sinetrons trigger sexual harassment and brawls among students.
This campaign is created to bluntly show that our soap operas is not worth showing. 
Every part of this radio campaign is taken from real Indonesian soap opera scenes.
If those words are not for saying,
why is it worth showing?

Executive Creative Director: Ratna Puspita
Associate Creative Director: Reza Maulana
Copywriter: Clarissa Pranata
Art Director: Ivan Irwan
Graphic Designer: Novia Achmadi, Irfansyah Aryabima
Producer: Indra Rusmiland
Audio House: PORT Audio House, Jakarta
Audio Editor: Cuz Rasta

Award: Bronze for Radio Campaign // Citra Pariwara 2017
KPAI // Bad Soap Opera // Radio