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Marketing KPI dashboard - Mobile app

Marketing Metric Dashboard

The client was a European marketing company that needed a dashboard app so it's clients could see at-a-glance how their brand is doing in different countries across Europe. 

Each brand has its overall KPI page and from there drills down into various metrics that must be very easy to understand visually. 
Make Marketing Efforts Visible
Marketing agencies work hard across many brands and campaigns, but also need to communicate their value and work for clients to keep them loyal. 
This has traditionally meant a lot of calls and emails with clients, keeping them updated, which unfortunately takes time away from doing the core marketing work. 

The goal was to create an app where clients can see at a glance how their brand is doing, which would allow the company to spend more time doing what makes their clients great. 
One thing I love about Balsamiq Wireframes is their built-in version control with design forking and design merge features. This works better for my creative flow, because it lets me explore different ideas in parallel and not lose anything. ​​​​​​​

Below is the version I would take into Sketch to do the high def design from. 
The Marketing Widgets
The idea was to create small "tiles" of marketing widgets, each with a simple yet distinctive icon.

My inspiration for this design was largely from how simple easy and fun fitbit's dashboard was to use. 
Marketing KPI dashboard - Mobile app


Marketing KPI dashboard - Mobile app


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