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Redemption Motorsports Brand Identity

For some, their vehicle is an extension of themselves, their personality and who they are. For others, their vehicle can take them where they want to go in whether it be work, home or on their family summer vacation.

Redemption Motorsports is a new automotive service center that believes in trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable service and provides performance upgrades, engine repairs and routine maintenance for car enthusiasts and people that seek expert advice when it comes to the vehicles they love and cherish.

S15 Designs partnered with Redemption Motorsports to help brand their new business. The process began with developing the brand strategy, positioning statement, and user profiles. From that, Blind developed a complete identity system that can reach every touchpoint of the brand.

The Objective.

Our objective going into this project was to create a brand identity that would set Redemption Motorsports apart in terms of aesthetics and positioning in the current local marketplace.
Developing a new brand.

S15 Design's Creative Director, Steven Feken, sat down with the Redemption Motorsports' Owner, Sam Smith, and his wife, Katie, to craft the foundation of their brand moving forward. Sam is a long time automotive technician and avid Chevy fan that decided to venture into entrepreneurship but wanted to stand out from the pack.

Over a facilitated strategy session, we prioritized business goals, understood the brand's customers and developed an idea of what the brand could look and sound like.
This became the foundation of the branding and marketing moving forward.
The design process.

Now equipped with the brand's foundational brief and the owner's favorite existing brands, we explored several concepts.

Our logo design process starts with gaining inspiration online and in the world, then sketching concepts and ultimately bringing the ideas to life digitally. We designed over a hundred variations before choosing 3 to present to Sam for approval.

After choosing what we believe are the 3 best logo design concepts, we design what is called a Stylescape for each.

A Stylescape is a visual encapsulation of the brand. It shows hows the logo will live with the brand colors, typography and can show examples of what marketing materials, merchandise, and a website could look like.

We see a brand as an experience and the idea of a Stylescape is to take a snapshot of that entire experience.

The Stylescape below was the winning Stylescape selected by Sam for the brand. This will set the tone for everything created for the brand moving forward.
The new logo.

As with the beginning of any brand, we believe it's important to understand what the logo needs to communicate. 

In this case, based on our talks, the logo needed to communicate what they do and what they believe.

The new Redemption Motorsports logo is speed, faith, and reliability.


- Discovery / Strategy
- Stylescape
- Logo & Identity System
- Brand Voice & Messaging
- Merchandise & Web design concept
- Brand Guidelines
Redemption Motorsports Brand Identity

Redemption Motorsports Brand Identity

Branding Identity for Redemption Motorsports. Redemption Motorsports is a new automotive service center that believes in trustworthy, reliable a Read More