3Ft Clothing Co. logotype/ design proposal 

3Ft Clothing has been an opportunity to push the boundaries of the designer aspect of my being. In creating this brand I learned an grew into a better designer, a consultant, and a partner with 2 brilliant minds seeking to motivate and inspire. This is yet again another post I've made where creations have been inspired by study in typography, branding, and logotype design for a future identity system plus web and apparel designs. I was not satisfied with the original works after gaining new understanding and went back in to reface the look to meet the message

I feel there is a greater sense of exclusiveness and professionalism in the new developments that matches the idea of where the brand seeks to be versus looking like a startup

The Redesigned Combination mark in its primary state with the leading brand color of choice
The Original Word and Combination marks
The Redesigned Combination mark
A few additional brand assets: The Word mark with "FEET" abbreviated, 3FT solo as a Letter mark, the "3Ft From Gold" slogan Mark/ Identity asset, And the "3Ft from Gold Logo mark
Logotype and marks applied in receipt, tags, business cards, poster and billboard situations
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