Fly With The Colony logotype/ design proposal 

Fly With The Colony is a developing start-up originally initiated in collaboration with a client account. There is no brand identity system established for the company and it started out as just the FWTC letter mark. As with the previous post, as well as those to come, I've made creations inspired by study in typography, branding, and logotype design for a future identity system plus web and apparel designs

The logo design is no more than the original brand elements continued and pushed for full uniformity in type design that properly allowed the lettermark to be extended into wordmarks
The original FWTC letter mark logo
The recently developed Fly With The Colony wordmark logo variant
1 of the 3 iterations of FWTC mascot Jace, The Bat
The wordmark applied superimposed over FWTC merchandise 
2 branding elements for possible identity assets or apparel designs
Digital illustration of Jace, the Bat as the Wolf of Wall Street with a black Lamborghini Countach 
Thank you for any and all comments, appreciations, views, etc...