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    Corporate Identity for the "Taste True Greece" retail shop of Traditional Greek food products.
In an era dictated by antagonism and haste, Greeks have always known how to keep perspective of what’s important, to pace down and enjoy our drinks, our food, our company of friends and relations, nature and life. With gnomon the metron between revolutionary thinking and honoring our gastronomic heritage, Taste True Greece aims to deliver products of exceptional quality and attention to those fine details of production and packaging that make a difference to you. Wondering in the diverse Greek countryside and enriching our deep culinary knowledge, we have selected the best from small independent, honest producers who share our vision for excellence. Approved by Taste True Greece, only the purest ingredients, recipes, mezes, sweets and spirits, all delicacy gems of the Greek art of cuisine are brought to your table to share with your loved ones. Whether you were introduced to the Greek ways of life, willing to try new journeys in flavor, or Greece it is part of your heritage, Taste True Greece products will evoke scents, pictures and memories from the original flavor of Greece, the motherland of Mediterranean diet.

Yannis Daliakopoulos
Founder of TTGR™

noun (pl. doilies)
kind of hand-made knitting or weaving
usually set on a table

The doily is a classic traditional part of every greek home. It was there, on the family table acting as a cover, until grandma served food for the family dinner.
The doily brings memories of grandma in mind, sitting on the sofa, knitting for hours. It is characterised by its sweet finish and repeated patterns. It is a familiar object that can connect yesterday with today. It was always placed diagonally, so that it would cover as large surfaces as possible, such as television, radio, dinner table.

By keeping as a doily weaving shape the element of the flower and the curves, we take the symbol of a doily set on the table and falling gently off the edge, thus creating a facing down triangular shape.
The logo that was created, if rotated, produces the flower, a classic element of many doilies. Finally, by connecting the inner gaps of the weaving, we can see an upside-down heart, which symbolises our love for home-made food, and seals the love and originality/authenticity of the values that the doily represents for the greek home.
It is a hospitable colour that contains the warm radiation of yellow and orange. The chosen color combines the power of the orange with the expressional values of yellow. Light, honest and pleasant, it is a colour that gives a classic sense.
Especially its additional and monochromatic combinations, give a vintage cheerfulness.
It is considered as an expressional, decent and mentally pleasant colour.

Special Thanks to Yannis Daliakopoulos - Founder of TTGR

Typeface: Gotham
Photos: KEIK Bureau Archive


Designed: May 2012