There is no place like HOME, except SOFRA!

Sofra is a family owned bakery and café passionately mastering their great grandmother’s recipes of Albanian culinary expertise. Renowned as a culture that celebrates the very essence of ritual, ingenuity and craftsmanship, the family are dedicated to baking and serving genuine authentic quality breads, hand-crafted with ingredients of love, tradition, richness and expertise.
Sofra originates from the Albanian word dining table, meaning guests are welcomed to the family’s table to taste the rich, exquisite flavours and specialties of Albanian cooking, handcrafted by devoted and dedicated artisans.

The sacred custom of hospitality is treasured with immense love and generous spirit that originates from the customary laws of the Kanun of Lek Duakgjini. It is a code highlighted for its governance of Albanian civilization through a representation of traditions, customs and commandments passed through generations. Hence, Sofra becomes a way of treating people, a place of sanctuary, aiming to humanize today’s impersonal surrounding of the modernist world.
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