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Adobe Certified Associate Poster
Last year, I was invited to participate in the Adobe Certified Associate Dutch National Championship. The competition put eight students of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam against each other, by having them make a promotional poster for the competition that had to be finished in two hours.

To be selected for this competition, a student had to have been certified in either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. I ended up getting certified in all three programs and therefore earned my spot as a contestant.

After finishing the competition poster, all students were tasked to present their entry in front of a panel of judges made up out of influental figures in the design world, and also a high-up member of the Adobe staff.

I ended up finishing second place and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate and the experience I gained from it.
Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is an industry-recognized credential that can be used to effectively validate one's skills in Adobe digital-media.
Adobe Certified Associate Poster