The corporate industry is getting less and less creative. An unsettling amount of all jobs are office sit-in-your-chair-all-day jobs. For these people, there is no time for being creative.

The solution? Doodles. Small drawings someone makes when they have some spare time. It is fun to do, and it trains your brain into becoming more creative. 

For this project I gave people a sheet with 4 silhouettes on it, and asked them to draw characters on them.
When they returned the sheets I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I have curated the best of the doodles and created designs out of them.

The process was simple, from silhouette to drawing, and from drawing to DOOD.

But what's a Dood? A Dood is a thing of beauty, it is an unique charachter in a dull world. The minimalistic drawings make them stand out but still make them feel alive. The name Dood is a mixture between the two words Doodle and Dudes.
One Dood, two Doods.​​​​​​​



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DOODS is a project that wants the corporate industry to become more creative. It was originally created during the second year of my graphic desi Read More